We thought it might be nice to compile a list of the many things we saw with Annie and Brent on this trip to Chicago. It would have been nice to be able to bring all of you along as we traced through some of our history there, as well as the history of the city.


Chicago tour with Dad

2708 N. Rutherford, house where Dad grew up and your grandparents lived most of their married life. It's up for sale again. Any buyers out there?

Frank Lloyd Wright homes in Oak Park

River Forest homes, where Chicago gangsters lived

Locke Elementary School where Dad went to school

Steinmetz High School, where he attended high school

Wright College, where Dad went to college

St. William's Parish, where Grandma & Grandpa attended church and where their funerals were both held

Gene and Jude's Hot Dog drive-in in River Grove, where we used to get hot dogs on our dates, a Chicago icon


Chicago tour with Ron Steinberg, Dad's friend

Rent Com, Ron's A/V rental/installation company, whose web site Mom used to maintain.

St. Mary of the Angels, or 'St. Mary of the Falling Plaster', as Ron calls it; an old Polish Chicago church that is based on Roman Renaissance style, after St. Peter's Basilica in Rome Ron installed and maintains the sound system.

St. Hedwig's in Chicago, Polish church where Grandma Gort went to church when she was a child Ron also installed and maintains a sound system here. Both churches have a lot of history.

The Green Mill, a Chicago jazz club frequented by Al Capone

Temple Sholom, a historic Jewish temple in Chicago. Another sounds system installation of Ron's.

Aragon Ballroom, where Grandma & Grandpa used to go to dance; Some history of the place; another history from a well-written personal perspective.

Millenium Park, a new addition to the city. The park features a videowall of a face that spouts water from the mouth for people to play in, Crown Fountain. It was designed by a Spanish artist and the electronics were provided by Rent Com. It also features a stainless steel structure affectionately known as 'the bean' although its real name is Cloud Gate

Chicago's City Hall and Mayor Daley's office. Ask Annie for some great photos taken here!

Manny's Deli, another Chicago icon where we had lunch (http://www.mannysdeli.com/)

Sanfilippo Estates This is a private home in the exclusive Chicago suburb of Barrington Hills, owned by Jasper Sanfilippo, who earned his money selling peanuts and developing a machine to shell them. The first link gives you a nice overview with a little video. The official web site tells more about the place. Ron did a videowall for Sanfilippo and has purchased blocks of season tickets to their summer concert series. We attended one of these, featuring William Powers, a reknown opera singer who enjoys playing the villians. The evening included plenty of time to tour the musical collections prior to the concert. Powers was a wonderful entertainer, and we got to see him fina realtively private setting rom front row seats.

Mom & Dad's early years together

7600 Diversy Ave., Elmwood Park, our 2nd appt.

1030 Swain, Elmhurst, our first house, where you spent the first few years of your life


North Side Sightseeing (where Mom grew up)

Baha'i Temple, a non-denominational temple for wolrd peace, near Wilmette Harbor (where Mom & Dad used to go fishing for perch on dates)

Northwestern University on Lake Michigan, where Grandma Garbo was supposed to attend school (she got married instead)

Old 2-flat on Chicago Ave. in Evanston, within walking distance to Lk. Michigan, where Mom spent her first few years (through kindergarten); I couldn't identify the exact place, only the neighborhood.

St. Scholastica's High School, where she attended her first 3 yrs. of high school (last was in a public school in Mt. Prospect)

3843 Kirk St., Skokie, where she grew up in a Georgian brick house that used to have a lot of priaries around it (now all filled with houses)

7800 Tripp St., where Grandma and Grandpa Garbo moved after moving to Mt. Prospect for a couple yrs. and coming back to Skokie. Downtown Skokie and Oakton Park, where she used to walk with friends

Chicago Botanic Gardens near Glencoe (had not been there before)

Lou Manati's Pizza across from Northwestern campus, where you can get a great Chicago pizza.